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Consumers love the health care enrollment web site!

October 23, 2013

You know that looking at new cars involved kicking away pushy, nosey sales people. Just imagine how many people would go into a car dealer using the same process as enrolling for Affordable Health Care. We need your social security number now. We need your annual income reported from last year. We will share all this information with the IRS, Homeland Security, and your local police, whether you enroll or not. Hey, WHY NOT? I’ll post on the internet all of my financial details, identification number from Social Security, and of all my family too! I trust you computer key board! I trust our government because they demonstrated such skill and proficiency up to this point!

How about telling me if I want to even look at anything based on prices posted somewhere? It seems that we are not being treated like independent citizens. We are being treated like cattle to be branded, herded, processed, and just submit to the inevitable! Hey, just kick me, I’m a tax payer. Just clean out my paycheck, clean out my bank, and tell me I want too much anyway!

The Affordable Health Care process is necessary to accept government heavy handed KGB and gestapo tactics. You want to know what it costs? Why? Don’t you trust us? Forget about trust, just know you HAVE TO DO IT!

Obama calls in the marines, to hold his umbrella!

Obama calls in the marines, to hold his umbrella!

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