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When we get gifts from government, we paid too much!

October 20, 2013

The senators and representatives in Washington D.C. are all elected with pledges to make our government work better. Too many times these folks pretend they are Santa Claus. They promise us stuff. We all know that the gifts we get cost too much. If we’re not paying for it, then our children and grandchildren will be paying. Of course, the new congress will be continuing the “gift” game that keeps us in debt forever with taxes.

It is obvious that a lot of our elected congress had a miracle happen while in Washington D.C.! They were not rich when campaigning for office. They were not rich when they were rookies in congress. They are now millionaires! Is it possible that lobbyists are inviting congress to enjoy buying land a company wants to develop with their influence? Are we supposed to pretend that all elected to congress just get rich because rich people like them?

The funny thing about gifts we get from government is that we cannot return them! You don’t go to exchange or get a refund on gifts from the government. I always wanted a food stamp debit card? I always wanted a “Obama phone”? I always wanted to pretend I can’t work so give me Social Security disability income for life? The other funny thing is that the government can be (excuse me) an “Indian giver” and take it back with no notice.

Do not take gifts from congress!  They cost too much!

Do not take gifts from congress! They cost too much!

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