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Team names under review of our president?

October 6, 2013

Our president said he figures it will take Iran one year to make a nuclear bomb. So, don’t worry because he will get to it, after they make the bomb. So far, Iran is happy to talk, and talk, and talk with our fearless leader. That is very reassuring to know we got a whole year until Iran can have a nuclear weapon. Let’s make the most of the short time we have left.

What we need to be concerned about is not something trivial like a terrorist nation with nuclear weapons. President is concerned that NFL allows Washington D.C. team is called “Redskins”! It seems 10 little Indians are protesting and offended by “Redskins”. MLB has “Braves” plus “Indians” and NFL has “Chiefs”. I am a old paleface living in the Menominee nation and nobody cares about “Redskins”.

Our nation is under threat of North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Somalia? Lets worry about “politically correct” bullshit on sports team names? We got record unemployment! We got people who can’t open Affordable Health Care accounts! We got the Benghazi killers strolling around enjoying life with our 4 buried.

What about the insult and outrage of labeling those of Irish descent as “the fighting Irish” like Notre Dame sports team? What about atheists being insulted by New Orleans “Saints”? What about NHL “Blackhawks” and “Redwings”?

Our president will create a acceptable list of new age nicknames. The few activists claiming to speak for all native Americans have bestowed upon our president the honorary name of “Chief Thunderpants”! Indians may feel insulted that Dallas has a team honoring Cowboys, and everybody knows that means cowboys & Indians!

Chicago has no Bears in the metropolitan area. How about Chicago Ghetto Blasters? Do you know the Green Bay Packers refers to a slaughterhouse operation for processing cattle? PETA does not want to glorify the brutal and cruel way humans eat animals!

Kill capitalists!  We promote violent overthrow of economy!

Kill capitalists! We promote violent overthrow of economy!

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