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A fish stinks at the head first

October 5, 2013

Something rotten is very evident to us dumb citizens of the USA. It is evident in the senseless acts of violence randomly appearing as our country sees our leadership has gone mad. Our fearless leader enjoys predicting doom, anarchy, and widespread suffering if he doesn’t get his way. Reagan reassured and calmed our country after the suffering and confusion of Carter as president. Our country continues to suffer and are confused on what progress we can see now.

How long are we to see our children and relatives unemployed? I don’t see jubilation and celebration on Affordable Health Care Act by mass enrolling. We can’t even see the process for application working at all! We need jobs more than a new health insurance option. No job means no money means who will afford health insurance?

We grow weary of the speeches prodding punching kicking and accusing Congress of being terrorists who hate the USA. It appears some people more fragile are now so agitated that they have become self destructive while assaulting our nation’s capitol. It is not a joke to see that our fearless leader is driving our country crazy. He warns everybody of imminent doom, and then expects everyone to feel safe after all that anxiety.

We smell that there is something rotten in our country. Speeches and pep talks do not change the aroma of decay and decomposition. We need to see growth and unity. Instead we see, hear, and smell the corruption from self righteous posturing of a supreme potentate.

We don't need more speeches!  We need jobs!

We don’t need more speeches! We need jobs!

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