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Republicans in Congress are a threat to our President!

October 3, 2013

Republicans are accused of using a gun on opposing a blank check for our fearless leader. Republicans are terrorists with explosives strapped to their chest, too! Republicans are terrorists on a Jihad, too! Are they profiling all terrorists as Republicans? This is very confusing.

Our president had a meeting with some Republican members of congress. Did they bring in guns and bombs to this meeting, too? What is Homeland Security and NSA waiting for? These are Muslim terrorists! Send in the drones, now! We are so proud that our president was brave enough to enter the same room with these killers!

Camps of enlightenment are being prepared for the TEA party fanatics that threaten our security. Those converted can return to their families. Those who cannot leave their cult beliefs will remain behind barbed wire to protect us. We are so happy to know that our president will not let the constitution stand in the way of doing what he knows is right! RIGHT ON!

Our president is alerting the financial reporters that his fear is our country will fall into total chaos. He does not want anyone to over react, but this is the end of our world. Thank you for alerting us that we maybe might could be crushed by the policies of our chief executive.

Come fly with the trillionaires!  Life is good at the top!

Come fly with the trillionaires! Life is good at the top!

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