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It’s a shark frenzy in Washington! Democrats want Republicans blood!

October 2, 2013

Our country cries out for our legislature and executive branch to stop making speeches and start making work! What’s that? NO! We are getting more speeches from people we don’t care about or want to listen to their gibberish. We have been told that a meeting was held today. Our president told those nasty Republicans that there is nothing to negotiate, so shut up and do what we say. That is some meeting. Bet they all want to have more meetings like that!

One bonus is that Michelle Obama has no more tweets due to the shut down! How come our president has non stop tweets and speeches on his indignation and deep disappointment. It’s like a shark telling the victims to stop fighting back.

Hey look!  Some sharks are attacking Boehner!  Should we help?

Hey look! Some sharks are attacking Boehner! Should we help?

There are more people entering the hobo population with work hours getting reduced. Some are told they are now part time is because of the new “Affordable Health Care Act”! It also seems the health insurance costs a lot more, but this is “affordable” according to our president.

Anyway, it’s boring to explain and give public education from our fearless leader on the health care law that he is not using for his family. We can all just go on the internet and fumble around, like we will be so enthralled and entertained by this website. So we don’t expect to hear the truth or get any information. We just get speeches on why Republicans want to see people die of starvation because the government shut down.

The energy from venom, hatred, and nasty speeches could make somebody’s head blow up from a lethal combination of methane from their ass and hot air from their speeches. Harry Reid seems like a feeble stooped disoriented escapee from a retirement home, with a butcher knive. John Boehner found out that his crying doesn’t bother our president. Fearless leader went to bed during Benghazi. He didn’t lose any sleep denying assistance to our doomed citizens. Boehner could cry a river, and it wouldn’t make any impact on him.

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