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Last minute splurge in government spending!

September 29, 2013

It’s that annual ritual for all government agencies and managers. “Use it, or lose it!” Let the spending begin! Motivational speakers fees are no problem. Office improvements are fine. SPEND THE MONEY! We look forward to some more IRS videos of staff line dancing and pretending they are Star Trek characters.

The Environmental Protection Agency spent $2,000,000 on this artwork. It is non toxic with water based paint on recycled paper. The artist? Pickazo is nationally recognized as an impostor and sycophant of rich patrons. This meets the EPA standards for environmental science research studies endorsed by EPA! His subjects were all painted as clowns. Rumor has it that his model was Barney Frank as a demented clown.

This work was done during the GLOBAL WARMING period of Pickazo. Now that it is the GLOBAL COOLING period of climate, the EPA wants to keep predicting GLOBAL WARMING anyway.

Uncle Stosh art gallery netted the 15% commission for sale of this disturbing art. He will quickly cash the check, and take out some EPA managers to lavish dinners preparing for the 2014 budget on art.

EPA art of Pickazo warning of global warming!

EPA art of Pickazo warning of global warming!

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