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How many more will die waiting?

September 28, 2013

Syria rebels were promised military support over 2 years ago. Our fearless leader proclaimed this without seeking any funding or support of congress when he boldly promised aid, 2 years ago. It seems that Oliver North was dragged in front of congress to explain how and why President Reagan was smuggling weapons without congressional approval in the old days. Congress claimed it was cause for impeachment then!

Anyway, it doesn’t matter because as usual our president did nothing except talk. NOW HE IS READY TO ACT! He says he is ready to act, but he is not taking any action. The moderates waiting for this aid that was promised but never arrived, gave up waiting after 2 years. Now the only guys around are the militants who are worse than the president of Syria. But we should all be happy, because we won’t have “boots on the ground”! So these weapons will go to the same killers of our military from Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan (we won the war there says Obama) and Iraq (we won the war there says Obama)?

We got even better news! Iran is talking to us. I did not know we were hoping and praying to spend time talking to Iran? Meanwhile, nuclear bomb building is underway while we talk. The people of Iran waited in vain for support to reclaim their country from an Islamic extremist years ago.

It is amazing how much our enemies can do in a couple of years of Obama doing nothing but talking. His rules of engagement and leadership have killed more military in his term as president than G.W.B.! We know that these sacrifices by our sons and daughters have been for nothing.

North Korea and Iran will improve their nuclear weapons and missiles while we talk a lot, and say nothing. Russia and China continue to get what they want, while we talk about what we want and don’t get it.

Watch the movie ARGO to see how our embassy staff escaped Iran in spite of Jimmy Carter being president. The fallen heroes of Benghazi saved lives in spite of president Obama. The many dead protestors in Iran and Syria died waiting in vain for aid from USA. The many supporters of the USA left in Iraq and Afghanistan after our “victory” have died in vain waiting for aid from USA.

We won the wars, and we killed Bin Laden!

We won the wars, and we killed Bin Laden!

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