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Chicago is best place to get murdered!

September 20, 2013

Chicago is murder capital of the USA! Of course, a lot more children, women, and senior citizens have been shot with all this gun play. It seems everyone knows the source of this loss of law and order. These are gangs running the city.

In the wild west days of gunfight at the OK Corral, or the gangster battles of Al Capone, the number of violent deaths seems a joke. We can’t get intelligence and photo mug shot of the top 100 gang bad guys? We don’t want to set up block cops to cover a neighborhood? These coward killers pull out in a car with guns blazing and drive away after spraying bullets. These cowards would not want to come out in carloads that can be shot by a policeman with a shotgun. These cowards are known by reputation in the neighborhoods that you don’t mess with them. If you had a neighborhood policeman that will stick around, then people will share information about these gang leaders.

Since it is evident that the police solutions cannot handle this problem, then it is time to use an economic incentive. A bounty reward from Spike Lee like he posted for Zimmerman info can be used. Distribute posters with a picture for each of the top 100 gang killers. DEAD OR ALIVE $5,000 per bad guy. These bad guys will be looking over their shoulder wondering if their number is coming up!

The anti gun activists need to picket, march, and stay in these devastated gang neighborhoods. They don’t want to get in harm’s way, or even get their cars in those neighborhoods.

Mayor Emanuel does not enforce gun laws!  What's the big deal?

Mayor Emanuel does not enforce gun laws! What’s the big deal?

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