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Putin tells Obama “pull my finger!”

September 17, 2013

We have seen how world problems can be directly handled by our president. Just ask Vladimir Putin what we can do. Why worry about setting policies in the USA? We can send our commercial news media to Russia! Instead of them bitching about spending time at the Bush ranch in Hicksville, they can accompany Putin to wild game hunts in Siberia or visit his dojo for judo. That sounds like a lot of fun!

Vladimir Putin does have his sense of humor from years at the KGB. For his friends their mother in law, just disappears. For his naughty list, you might find your mistress has AIDS and now you can wonder about your future. For Christmas, the media may get an Obama-phone from Russia with chuckles as their gift from Vladimir.

Our fearless leader has a much easier method of solving both domestic and international policy problems. Let Putin get the blame for those decisions that backfire. The commercial news media may not be so negative about Putin considering his KGB sense of humor when you are walking back to your hotel and you hear footsteps behind you.

Obama may grow tired of Putin telling him to pull his finger. But our president will have to grin and take it. We know who’s boss now.

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

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