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Fewer people today trust our president?

September 13, 2013

The nuclear program of North Korea is resuming full production. They like our president. Iran is accelerating their nuclear weapons program. They like our president. Russia is shipping new weapons and countermeasures to our weapons to Syria. They both like our president. It seems the countries that want to attack and kill our allies like us a lot. It seems our allies that want to cooperate with us don’t trust us?

Why do the people of the USA have the majority of our voters doubting our president can be trusted? Obama has more dead military under his rules of engagement in Afghanistan as he focused on being a community organizer. Yes, he found out that military troops are not community organizers. He got more killed with his experiment to make soldiers hand out candy in terrorist towns and stop any bombing that might harm any civilian. So terrorists set up shop in civilian neighborhoods to shoot and blow up our troops without any return fire.

President Vladimir Putin is avenging the memory of Nikita Kruschev who wanted to bury the USA. Now Putin is letting Obama sink the USA with a little help from Russia. Kruschev lectured us that we were weak, spoiled, self indulgent, and corrupt from wealth. Putin is lecturing Obama on similar themes. It seems the propaganda war is being also won by Russia courtesy of The New York Times!

Will Obama get a chance to write an essay in The New York Times? Never mind, he would plagiarize like he did in school. He never had an original idea, ever. His school records are locked to prevent anyone, but the KGB on confirming his foreign citizenship and academic failures.

Obama will bury you!

Obama will bury you!

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