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Russian President Putin reminds Obama we are all equal!

September 12, 2013

Putin invoked the basic tenet of Christianity that all are equal in value to God. Rich, powerful, poor or weak in earthly wealth or talent does not diminish God’s love for each of us that seek the path to salvation. Putin got some free ink today in his editorial proudly published in the flagship of liberal USA THE NEW YORK TIMES. Putin accuses of Obama wallowing in superpower delusions that gives our president the power to threaten any country with impunity.

How can our president prove he has humility? He can’t. He travels like a billionaire. He takes vacations among millionaires. He travels like a potentate with the few working taxpayers footing the bills. Our president has an ego that transcends reality and common sense. Obama should feel humble on how little he has done to help the suffering unemployed families.

Our president can only get mad and take it. He is not smart enough to Putin’s cutting rapier wit. Our president is lost among the world leaders of substance. Obama lacks gravitas. His ideas are light weight, and his lame appeal to cultural values of the USA ring hollow. He wants to take away guns. He wants to celebrate queer military units. He does not live the values of the USA. He just hauls them out, like Christmas decorations while he defiles the religions of Christ with forced support of abortions and birth control.

Our president thinks we are stupid. He endures the middle class that work all their lives, and raise families to do the same. We cling to God and our guns. We are the lowest of the low and we know that is his opinion. Don’t tell us how much you love the people of the USA. Show us how much you love the people of the USA. We don’t see the actions to back the platitudes that ring hollow when Obama pretends he embraces the history of our country.

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

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