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From Russia with USA gets zip and Putin struts

September 8, 2013

G-20 meeting of finance ministers on review of global financial policies of countries was held in Russia for 2013. The usual sideshow of political posturing by world leaders was dominated by our president. It seems the whole focus of this president is to attack a little country Syria. He attacked Libya and that did what for the USA? Oh yeah, we got killed ambassador in Libya and it doesn’t seem we care to get the killers. Why is that?

The public relations media blitz now talks about how Iran will get nukes and taunt the USA, IF WE DO NOT BOMB SYRIA! Obama promised that he will prevent Iran from getting nukes. Is that promise just words meaning nothing? So why are we worried about Iran on what they think about Syria? If we threw a few rockets at Syria and say “See that!”, then Iran will be scared of getting nukes? How stupid is this line of reasoning? It is ominous for the USA to discover how inept and confused is the president on facing threats. Our allies clearly realize that the USA today is a ship drifting without anyone at the rudder.

Putin knows that this is the moment he has been waiting to see. The USA is vulnerable. Obama reduced military budget to have necessary supplies and necessary strength of forces. What Obama has kept in military budget is gay pride events, Muslim sensitivity training, and top level attention to banning Christian chaplains and Jewish ceremonies of worship. China is building a military greater in numbers and more advanced in weapons than the USA. Russia has never stopped arming and expanding forces.

Obama focus on NSA is political SS arm of IRS to enslave citizens of the USA. We ignore foreign threats and pretend there are no enemies of the USA. China and Russia are planning how to carve up the empire that is weak and vulnerable. Our ship of state is drifting while the captain is golfing on leave.

Is that a China battle ship or a Russian cruiser?

Is that a China battle ship or a Russian cruiser?

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