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Our secret is out! Obama will NEVER use nuclear weapons.

September 7, 2013

Mediterranean Sea is getting a little more crowded. Russian military fleet ships and China military fleet ships are joining the USA military fleet. It’s not a sign of solidarity with the USA.

So let’s consider the risk of a naval war in the sea. What is there to stop Russia and China ganging up against the USA? Well, in the dumb old days of Eisenhower, the potential response of a threat to use nuclear rockets made naval war and army war unlikely. However, our enlightened president Obama declared that he would NEVER USE NUCLEAR ROCKETS against our enemies. Thank you!

Attacking our navy and army is now limited to our reduced capabilities thanks to budget cuts. China is spending more than USA and has more troops than USA. As a chess player, I would say CHINA WINS any war they choose. If our enemies threaten to use nuclear weapons or just use them as a sneak attack, then they know USA will just watch and take it. So Truman, Eisenhower, John F Kennedy all were wrong to rely upon the big stick threat of nuclear weapons. Obama will NEVER USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS! That removes any uncertainty for our opponents like little North Korea, Iran continuing quest for nuclear rockets, and the old reliable enemies of China and Russia.

IF Russia elects to prevent rocket launch from our fleet by attacking our fleet, then there is no escalation to a nuclear deterrent. If China watches the USA and Russia fight it out, then what if China sends their fleet to threaten our country to claim our territory by force? We just give up?

So Obama sets up “red line” threats on little guys like Syria. The big boys are not feeling scared by the “red line” tough talk. Do we feel scared by our president who took our nuclear deterrent off the table?

Harry Truman bombed Japan to prevent  more loss of army soldiers.

Harry Truman bombed Japan to prevent more loss of army soldiers.

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