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Let’s remember the good old days of bomb shelters!

September 6, 2013

Russia decided to up the stakes in Syria with anti missile systems. Russia sent a few of their military fleet vessels to be close to Syria. So right now, today, is our country understanding? We need to decide if we are ready to fight Russia. As a kid I remember the school drills to protect ourselves against nuclear missile attack. HIDE UNDER YOUR DESK! Kids are dumb, thank God. Somehow I didn’t feel safer hiding under a desk to save my life. Bomb shelters, public bomb shelters in cities, and Geiger counters were part of life because we did face nuclear battle threats.

Naval battles with Russia near Syria are just as bad as army battles. No one believes the bullshit promise of “no boots on the ground”! Is this president prepared to stare down Russia, and play naval war games for real? This will not be a limited, lob a few rockets public relations event. This will kill thousands of navy from both Russia and the USA.

All of the world wars started with little countries that meant nothing. These little countries dragged in the super powers into world wars. Are we ready to face the potential death of millions? Is this president prepared to call up his allies to consult, after the mushroom clouds are billowing around Israel? Or will our president wait over a year to talk about a proper response?

I am joining Pope Francis in praying for peace. Our peace president is leading us to war.

China war ships build up to make peace with USA?

China war ships build up to make peace with USA?

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