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It is now official. Obama speaks for the USA, and the WORLD!

September 4, 2013

How big is “the red line”? Our fearless leader while touching down in Sweden today made an awesome pronouncement! When he threatened Syria last year not to move chemical weapons or use them, he was not just talking as president. The WHOLE WORLD supports and set “the red line”! WOW! Obama is now speaking for the WHOLE WORLD! What can we say, if he is saying everything for everybody?

It seems the UN has not made an endorsement of any outside intervention or military actions into Syria. In fact, the United Nations made it perfectly clear that any nation (even the nation of Obama’s magic kingdom in his mind) using military force is violating the principles and laws of the United Nations. I think the United Nations does include the world? This is very confusing.

When did Obama get to speak for the whole world? How come 60% of the citizens of the USA are against any military intervention into Syria? Don’t the people of the USA realize that the WHOLE WORLD wants Obama to shoot rockets, missiles, blow up civilians in Syria to stop Syria killing civilians so the USA can kill civilians.

Obama needs to stay in Sweden longer.  How about 2 years?

Obama needs to stay in Sweden longer. How about 2 years?

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