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Surprise! President’s team believed what he said?

September 3, 2013

The “red line” warning to Syria a year ago sounded clear. The new Obama team for National Security Adviser Susan (Benghazi video girl) Rice, Secretary of Defense Chuck (bobble head) Hagel, and Secretary of State John (rich gigolo) Kerry all agreed. Syria must be attacked!

However, our fearless leader after nodding approval that they agreed, said “WAIT!”? See his team does not realize that our fearless leader can never make a decision. He found a reason to delay, by putting the responsibility of running our country into the House of Congress. Now, it’s not up to him. England is glad they didn’t trust Obama to lead them into war. Obama would not even lead the Libya attack by pretending it was France in command years ago. MAYBE NOW his staff realize that he cannot lead as he runs to the golf course when it gets tough.

We are seeing the quality of our president’s character. His team are just props and not counselors. He avoids taking responsibility by making senators he ridiculed as his allies in McCain and Graham. The world is spinning away from the USA. Nobody trusts or listens to our president. President Truman simply dealt with complex problems since he famously stated; “The buck stops here!” Obama always passes the buck so he can pretend that it’s not his responsibility!

President Truman seated with Durante "Somebody always wants to get into the act!"

President Truman seated with Durante “Somebody always wants to get into the act!”

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