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Labor Day 2013 hobo power

September 2, 2013

Today every hobo has to take pride today! It is Labor Day with too many unemployed for too many years. We hope our fearless leader pays tribute to the hobo spirit to keep searching for work anywhere in the USA. Our president said he was focused like a laser on jobs, jobs, jobs.

The reporters during the George W Bush presidency were smirking and ridiculing the jobs he created were flipping burgers. Our president celebrates college graduates getting noble work flipping burgers. Plus we got unions taking employees off work to picket and protest to make sure burger flippers can make $60,000 in annual pay so they can repay college loans to the USA. Commercial news media seems oddly silent on the menial minimum wage employment as the biggest accomplishment of our president today.

The only global force for the working folks is Pope Francis! He stands with those praying for work. He talks to the employers for improving the opportunities necessary to raise a family. He reminds those in despair that work gives glory and meaning to life. We are all to be productive and contribute to the greater good of humanity.

The helping hands that Pope Francis offers does not rely upon “Obama phones”, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and government meddling in morality endorsing gay marriage rights. The gift of free abortions is of course a new benefit of government forced upon the Catholic Church and other religions.

JOBS will let people afford raise a family. JOBS will let high school and college graduates take pride in earning a pay check. JOBS will show everyone has a chance to improve their future. Right now we have too many hobo folk who have not given up on the American Dream, because right now it’s more of a dream than reality.

Humble servant of the people for Christ

Humble servant of the people for Christ

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