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Obama will be deemed wise to shut up!

September 1, 2013

When faced with an international crisis, our president wants to be able to blame congress. He made a political calculation on how to seek cover from anyone blaming him for being a complete failure in diplomacy. The horror and mass murder cataloged in detail in Syria can wait for Congress to come back to Washington D.C. on September 9? Do you wonder why our former allies will not make any commitment with our president? President did know his tee time was waiting, and was actually late for his tee time!

President Obama is afraid of looking bad. He won’t take any action or leadership with the prospect of risk or bad polling numbers. We are screwed.

Our president is a politician. He has run down the military readiness by continued stupid and inept decisions. He has stacked up more dead and wounded of our sons and daughters and announced wars over in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has declared the wars are won and allows the killers of our soldiers to take over as if their sacrifice meant nothing. We the CITIZENS of the USA know that this president has made a mockery of our military by rules of engagement that killed too many of our citizens. We the CITIZENS of the USA know that our country has lost allies and gained more enemies with the complete lack of international leadership. The poll numbers make it clear, that our president will lack any support in the USA from the CITIZENS. This was not a moral decision by the president, but a political decision to avoid protests on a major scale against his actions as president.

Our country is the land of the free and home of the brave. But our spirit cannot correct the executive actions that weakened country. I DO NOT CARE TO WASTE LIVES TO SAVE FACE FOR OUR “RED LINE” TOUGH TALKING PRESIDENT! I recognize we are on the verge of world war by our weakness in diplomacy. This time, we won’t have the time to replace and restore our weakened military. It is up to Congress to force our president to restore our military strength. Hagel as secretary of defense is a bobble head doll listening to a fool leading our country.

To our allies and to our enemies, we need our president to shut up on foreign relations. Our allies cannot trust us to act in times of peril. Obama tried to force Israel to make lethal concessions to their country to make our president look like a big deal visionary appeasing Muslim terrorists. Our military leadership realize only too well that this president has never understood and does not care to learn the complexity of our world relations. Please shut up, and play golf for the next few years.

Obama's best buddy Chavez is dead and he feels lost without him.

Obama’s best buddy Chavez is dead and he feels lost without him.

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