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The CITIZENS in the USA have a say at starting a war!

August 31, 2013

Tired of the whining and complaining of our fearless leader’s team of cry babies. Putin will block any resolution at the United Nations regarding Syria. REALLY? What a shocking realization! How stupid is our administration to actually bitch about Putin taunting, interfering, and gosh he really doesn’t like the USA?! Putin has seen Obama brilliance in Libya. Bombing the country, importing rockets, and letting the Muslim terrorists steal our rockets after killing our ambassador in Benghazi, Libya prove to Putin how inept, cowardly, and dim witted is our president.

England is smart enough to wish Obama good luck, and cheerio to start the Syria “shot across the bow” for only meaningless public relations points for our president. Hey, when Obama warned the world of his “red line”, did he actually have a clue or any plan to back up his threat from a year ago? “You better not do that, or else!” Or else what? So when Syria bombs Israel, and Iran attacks our fleet bottled up to maybe attack Syria, and North Korea plus Russia funnel weapons into Syria, then what? This “shot across the bow” can lead to a world war. Oh yeah, Obama made it clear that shooting missiles and rockets is not declaring war. If we had missiles and rockets landing in Washington D.C., then we would not think it was an act of war, right?

The House of Representatives is elected to represent the people of the United States. President Obama as chief executive does not worry about what the people of the USA want. If our House of Representatives does not have the courage of England Parliament to clearly speak out, then our country is not a Republic, but a dictatorship. Our president is not protecting us from a clear threat to our citizens (and millions of illegal immigrants so dear to Obama). There are a lot of evil, bad dictators and leaders like North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia. Our president does not have the courage and intelligence to make his case. He does not have the UN research results on the weapons of mass destruction in Syria. Obama ridiculed, and lashed out against George W Bush going into Iraq war. George W. Bush did have allies with the USA, did make his case in the UN, and did inform the USA citizens on the war.

We look weak and ineffective to the world with a floundering and lost president. Our allies have to fear for their safety with this public display of stupidity and weak minded whining about our enemies are mean to us!

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

Obama mad Putin taunting USA as inept.

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