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Hey, where are you guys?

August 29, 2013

Our country is in deep deep trouble right now. England is not following our fearless leader into his inept mindless threats of doing “something” to Syria. France said they must have some wine and cheese before considering following Obama into chaos. Who is the brilliant mastermind in the Obama administration that assumed France and England will gladly jump off the cliff with Obama.

So Obama has ignored our most important allies to kiss ass of those who defy us and are enemies to us. Putin is right there behind Obama, pushing him off the cliff. England has some intelligence in sitting out the insane and pointless foreign policy from the USA. We shut down all embassies in case somebody tries to attack us. But we want to lob in rockets and missiles because we are tough enough to face any threat!! A child has better reasoning skills than this group of brilliant university morons in the Obama administration.

The allies that fought shoulder to shoulder during WWII, look at our leader and say thanks for asking but good luck on your own. Obama was too busy to reach out to these allies in his first term. Now he assumes he can just dictate what we want because Obama cannot even negotiate with our own House of Representatives who do represent the people of the USA and not the president.

I fear for our future. This president will not defend our country. He wants to send in a drone and blow up an aspirin factory like Clinton. Our country is greater danger since allies are telling us that our president does NOT have their support.

Obama has lost France and England as allies.   Thanks for a job screwed up!

Obama has lost France and England as allies. Thanks for a job screwed up!

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