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President will tweet time of attack on Syria

August 28, 2013

The top secret plans for the response to Syria crossing our president’s “red line” don’t seem too secret? What about the “red line” for Iran or North Korea? Guess our president can only make one red line at a time. Lucky Iran and North Korea are not threatening allies of our country? Lucky neither country is developing weapons to kill masses of people? Never mind about our luck, because Syria has the luck to be threatened by our president.

For some reason we are notifying the extent of military attack to Syria. How long we intend to use military force is being told, too. We are even telling them when to expect our military attack! Hey, we are going to hit you. See this, this is the hand that will hit you. Hey, I am going to hit you now! Has Obama ever been in a street fight? Guess not, he talks and talks but never fights ever. Of course, this is the same president that ratted out the doctor rotting in a Pakistan prison that verified Bin Laden intelligence for our mission. Of course, this is the same president that bragged about the computer hacking we did to disrupt Iran nuclear laboratory. Too bad, Iran killed a bunch of people that may or may not have any connection to this spy guy stuff he revealed.

The evil president George Bush attacked with hear say and made up intelligence to justify attacking Iraq. We do not have evidence or a source of information confirming the Syria chemical weapon used. However, Kerry, Biden, and the macho press secretary know beyond a question that NOW WE CAN ATTACK! Really? It seems the level of intelligence demanded from Bush is not necessary for the Obama “red line” attack. THIS IS WAR! Excuse me, it will never, ever be called a war. This is merely “kinetic activity” like the bombing of Libya was just fireworks and not a military action. You can’t call it a war if we don’t have…? “BOOTS ON THE GROUND!” Bombs, drones, missiles, and jet fighters are not acts of war, no way!

Remember I will make a speech while you are firing the rockets!  Then I got my tee time.

Remember I will make a speech while you are firing the rockets! Then I got my tee time.

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