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New cell phone game with $750 million top prize!

August 25, 2013

Jacob Lew Secretary of the Treasury will oversee a new program to get more money to stimulate the economy. Every cell phone user will see an additional $10 per month charge for the new lottery game “fair deal, fair shake”. This is a mandatory gaming fee and it is not voluntary. If challenged, it will be labeled a tax by the Supreme Court that cannot be avoided even if it is against your religion to gamble.

There will be a monthly $25,000,000 winner selected by random on every cell phone in use in the USA. To ensure impartial selection the NSA will randomly select the winner using an independent contract employee like Snowden. The annual grand prize of $750,000,000 is to be in the 2 week gap after the NFL playoffs and before the Super Bowl game. The winner will be assigned a personal IRS “fair deal, fair shake” agent to be sure to collect every possible tax on the winnings. Donations to Democrat tax free organizations registered as charities are encouraged as an allowed deduction. The city to host this event will be the hometown of the Democrat state needing a boost for electing senators and congressmen.

The fees will start immediately, and the drawings will begin in 2016. Get ready to be excited about getting a “fair deal, fair shake” from our fearless leader.

Cheers to a "fair deal, fair shake"!

Cheers to a “fair deal, fair shake”!

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