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Postcard from Supreme Being

August 23, 2013

Just got a late delivery from the USPS. Postcard was post marked May 23, 1950 from Los Angeles, California. It was a Liberace picture with a candelabra on his piano. It predicted his television variety show before it started in 1952!

Anyway, it also predicted that commercial news media would pronounce “God is dead” to help Satan fill up his quota of souls bound for hell. He did not want anyone to have their feelings hurt by having to deal with God anymore. He has left the universe. He is starting another universe, and it won’t include human beings.
So don’t expect any favors, special deals, or the winning lottery ticket. He has closed the prayers window forever. Saying you’re sorry won’t mean anything.

The atheists have won! We are now waiting for more directions from the Supreme Being imposters club. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, “lady” Ga Ga”, and Michael Bloomberg are prepared to direct the lives and beliefs of every poor doomed soul in our land. I would say heaven help us all, but that doesn’t apply anymore.

There is no point in arguing about what prayers can or can’t be allowed. It’s all pointless since the Supreme Being left Los Angeles May 23, 1950 to parts unknown. Oh yeah, He also predicted my S&H stamp books would be worthless, and the Cubs will never win the World Series. However, there is a chance “beany babies” could be worth a few bucks.

Al belongs to the Supreme Being club!

Al belongs to the Supreme Being club!

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