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Bring out your dead! Obama lethal foreign policy

August 15, 2013

Forget about the speeches of the future of the world by our president. Look at the body count of what he has done. We know how many have died in our military. We don’t want to challenge Muslim extremists to make them mad. So we got Fort Hood massacre by our own killer psychiatrist! We know a lot of our soldiers died because we wouldn’t provide supporting fire because it MIGHT kill some innocent civilians. Of course, drones that blow up civilians is no problem for our president.

We have been thinking and wondering and talking what to do with Iran nuclear weapons. Let’s talk some more! We can talk about the mushroom cloud that was Jerusalem after Iran launches an attack. North Korea declared war on the USA. Of course we ignore that too. So if we don’t talk about it, then it’s no problem.

The body count climbs in Syria from chemical weapons. President declared he challenged Syria DO NOT CROSS MY LINE BY USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS! So 91,000 dead later our president needs to be informed that they crossed his line. Everyone knows “So what!”

We sat and watched as Egypt voted in THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and gave them a couple of billions dollars too. So they burned Christian churches, and burned into cinders the worshipers too, they are a “brotherhood” so they must be nice guys. The people of Egypt rejected Obama’s pet leader Morsi. Now Obama is upset that the people of Egypt are using their military against the Muslim “brotherhood” mobs of killers.

This has to be the bloodiest period of any president proclaiming world peace. We know the worst is yet to come with Putin starting to get tired of Obama version of saving the world by destroying it.

What exactly did our retired Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do on ANY of these problem areas? She got gay rights festivals in all these countries she funded so that helped piss them off. She didn’t care about all the dead. “What difference does it make?” Our president had portable missiles stolen in Benghazi by Libyan terrorists the same night our Ambassador was slaughtered while our CIA was instructed to stay away from helping protect him.

Murder of civilians by governments, and dangers for the USA grow more ominous. Our last “peace” president Woodrow Wilson got us into the 1st World War. Our peace president now is doing pretty good, too.

Obama has  more people killed than Clinton!

Obama has more people killed than Clinton!

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