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Matt Damon saves the world in ELYSIUM

August 10, 2013

The year is 2154. Enter the future that has an oppressed world population living in poverty. Just imagine that the mayors of Chicago and Detroit were running the world, and you get a concept on the scale of the misery and despair in this movie. There is a colony of wealthy privileged elitists living in a protected community called ELYSIUM. Just picture it is like Martha’s Vineyard where Obama is vacationing. A swarm of security keeps the little people away from Obama, who waves and smiles to the unemployed masses begging for food stamps.

A common man, portrayed by Matt Damon, is like “Joe the plumber” who dared ask Obama why he wanted to make everyone poor by stealing from the business owners to “redistribute wealth”. But in this political science fiction movie, the rich people do not want the teeming smelly uncultured masses of the TEA party to have access to Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s lives of wealth and elite privileges made possible by these offensive TEA party people being sucked dry by endless taxes and green energy subsidies.

Matt Damon grabs weapons and attacks the center of power and privilege. The only way to get a better life, is to attack and take away stuff. Just like that worked in the Russian Revolution that launched communism, and we know how well that worked improving quality of life. That’s why we see Russian billionaires who steal from the people because they use their connections to the government to make them wealthy. Obama is copying the Putin model by accepting courtship from ELYSIUM companies like GE and rewarding them government contracts.

Recently the little people saw Matt Damon praising the importance of the public education teacher’s union in California. These teachers heard that Matt loved them, and thought they were building our future through our children’s education. BUT WAIT! Matt has entered ELYSIUM! Yes, his children are in high security, elite private schooling for the wealthy only. This is not a joke for the teacher’s union that will not have the privilege of educating Damon’s elite wealthy children. Maybe they can try picketing by Damon’s mansion that is guarded and private with imposing fortifications and walls. Anyway, we appreciate Damon acting as if he supports public education. However, he relies upon elite wealthy private schools for his family. He defended this choice because the public education system is too conservative and not progressive. Matt wants his children to be indoctrinated in communism in a elite private school for members only. Matt can act like he cares in ELYSIUM. Matt can act like he supports public education for the stupid smelly masses, but will never let his family rely on this public education system.

ELYSIUM star pretends he supports public education.

ELYSIUM star pretends he supports public education.

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