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USA warning to Benghazi killers to run

August 9, 2013

Everything is all okay now. USA is “filing charges” on the killers from Benghazi. Who is going to actually put in custody these killers? Oh, gee they got away from the local police?

What is “filing charges”? These killers will of course be hiring defense lawyers and getting their Facebook updated to appear like model citizens? There will be motions to delay, reschedule, postpone, and then drop charges since statute of limitations has been reached.

If you alert cockroaches that you are planning on capturing them, of course they are gone before the lights are on. HOW STUPID is this for a empty gesture that insults our intelligence?! We plan on filing charges? Sure, that makes this all fine and wrapped up. These killers are walking in some new town in plain sight and talking to reporters as free men while our idiots are reporting local police cannot deliver the papers with the court date notice to the “suspects”!

The terrorist THREATS that have us hiding on unspecified attacks on embassies are scaring us now! They know that after a year they might be handed papers demanding to show up for a court date with counsel. I can’t laugh. I am so sad that our president has left us open to more attacks! FILING CHARGES! Excuse me while I puke. Yeah, that makes the families of the murdered on 9/11/2012 glad it’s all over? How about the severely wounded who fought like hell alongside the murdered?

Andrew Jackson pulled a army and navy together to save our country from England’s attack in war of 1812. The Battle of New Orleans saved our country. Ulysses Grant saved the union by ending the Civil War by brutal efficient killing. Dwight Eisenhower had the weight of world on his shoulders to launch D Day to throw back the Hitler vision of a socialist Nazi world. There was no need to debate or hold conversations with the enemy. Life or death has not time for debates, conversations, and polling results.

So now we are having a “orderly dispersal” of all US from Yemen. No, this is not a “evacuation” because Obama does not want this to appear as a full fledged retreat. NO this is an advance to the rear. Why are we in such sad shape after 5 years of brilliant diplomacy from our Nobel Peace Prize president? Terrorist bombings, threats on embassies, terrorists killing our ambassador have all started because of Bush?

You cannot defeat evil by playing with a dictionary. You have to face evil in combat, not a debate. We are not here to convert terrorists to accept our values or file an absentee ballot as a Democrat. This is not a dilemma that will take decades to debate. Do you know when you refuse to bend or go along? We all reach a point in our life when we say “This is enough! No more!” USA citizens know that the murders in Benghazi is not solved by “Filing charges” in a foreign country that harbors terrorists.

Obama won't face Putin.  Michelle won't let him!

Obama won’t face Putin. Michelle won’t let him!

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