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Camelot with Carlos Danger

August 6, 2013

There was a lot of nostalgia for the pomp and majesty of the redneck hillbilly president “Slick Willy” of the twisted sword. His version of Camelot lacked the elegance and genuine magic of JFK and his lady Jackie. The Kennedy family retains the interest of the country that remembers the dashing young president who stood up to the threat of nuclear war with Russia.

President “Slick Willy” bombed an aspirin factory as a retaliation to Islamic terrorists attacking our navy with a lethal bomb against a ship in harbor. Of course the continuation of this inept response was a minor bombing of the World Trade Center followed in 2001 with the infamous hijacking of passenger jets to become jet powered spears.

Queen Hillary could not compete with Jackie for glamour or being the darling of international jet set. She still has the same hair do with gallons of dye, and larger pants now but still looks more like a stable hand. Her hand maid Hummer had a husband in Congress known as Carlos Danger. Not exactly a dashing figure, but he pranced around like a stud of the stables. The Jewish Spaniard enjoyed exposing his private thoughts around the realm tweeting and sexting to young maidens. Bret Favre inspired Carlos to advertise his wares.

So now the magic of Camelot is more like graffiti in a public restroom by a truck stop. The country does not envy or want to capture the magic of this squalid scene of perverted sociopaths. It seems the idiots of their lame libido refuse to leave the stage as everyone is throwing garbage and giving them the “Bronx Cheer”! That’s why I love New York. New York has no problem to tell Hillary “up yours” when she tried to talk in the auditorium of police and firefighters mourning their fallen comrades shortly after 9/11. Hillary was quickly hustled away to avoid bad video.

This is our flag that refused to be brought down back on 9/11/2001.

This is our flag that refused to be brought down back on 9/11/2001.

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