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The threat is real. The solution is a fantasy!

August 5, 2013

The threat of terrorists killing US citizens remains very real. The fantasy world of our fearless leader does not fit the facts of the day. Apologizing to everyone on the USA acting as a empire taking colonies by force means nothing to terrorists. Ignoring the murder of our ambassador and brave citizens who faced death with only their companions to fight to the death remains a “phony scandal” to our president. Now it seems the threats of destruction and indiscriminate slaughter by Islamic terrorists remain very real today. In 2012 the victory dance on Osama’s death seems more of a rallying point for those terrorists to focus their hatred and venom.

The prospect of killer drones and death from the skies has not stopped the terrorists. If efficient killing machines ended terrorism, then our superior technology should have stopped terrorism long ago. Robert McNamara had complete confidence in the superior firepower of the USA to obliterate the “Viet Cong” enemy during our Viet Nam siege.

We lost the propaganda war, with the support of war protests and self destruction by some military confessions on atrocities. Our current secretary of state Kerry used his confessional to elevate his political ascension as a principled warrior with a conscience. General Grant knew “War is hell.” Grant knew the only way to reduce the pain and suffering is to kill and swiftly defeat the enemy.

Our president has to set up a response beyond relying upon drone robot planes. We carpet bombed in Viet Nam. Obama is drone happy with killing. We take years to bring terrorists to trial. But it’s okay to kill them instantly in their home, because he says so. How about the Benghazi killers? No bragging on drone strikes to get justice to the killers of our citizens?

So we have staff in embassies, but the doors are closed. Either we should be in those embassies with the doors open, or we should close the doors and get out. The people of the world are watching us by our actions. The people of the world do not see Benghazi justice. The terrorists ignore our fantasy world speeches from our president. If we hide as if fearing bullies, than the price we pay in the future will be more bloody by our hiding today.

Obama enjoys the media fawning over his sloth and failures.

Obama enjoys the media fawning over his sloth and failures.

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