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Chicago mob diplomacy of Obama

August 3, 2013

Chicago is a tough town! The Democrat mob machine is tough. Don’t get in the way, or you will find more trouble than you can handle. Obama got a tough hide and weak character by climbing to the top of that heap of corruption. So now consider the ways of a Chicago mob politician. Send in the drones! We don’t need any stinking trials! We know who gets in the way, gets buried.

What about us sending a flood of illegal weapons into the arms of Mexican drug lords? No problem with morals here when you want to see the blood spilled to win your cause. What is the cause? What about flooding Libya with military weapons to kill the little dictator? Did we care about international law? Of course not, it’s the Chicago way!

Now why did we have Benghazi Libya full of CIA gun runners smuggling guns into Syria on 9/11/2012? Libya terrorists had intelligence and knew about this. Hillary’s “mob action” that killed our ambassador was to thwart smuggling weapons out of Libya. Obama was more worried about getting his guns to Syria than what happened to our citizens. Just a “phony scandal” is the label used by our Chicago mob politician in the White House.

It seems a lot of military weapons have been scattered around the world by our Nobel Peace Prize president! How many deaths are too many? Who is counting at the White House? None of this is the fault of anyone in the White House, of course. Obama has to be the worst arms smuggler in the world, but he keeps trying!

If you have no morals than breaking the law is not a problem, just an inconvenience. If you don’t agree with a law, then you have good reasons to ignore it. If you can’t get what you want, then you just make sure you get what you want any way you can. The USA is now seen as a lawless country that won’t protect our citizens. Our chief executive wants to win by losing what we value. All these questions are “phony scandals”. What scandal?

Don't bother me with phony scandals!

Don’t bother me with phony scandals!

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