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Another video flash mob in mid east?

August 3, 2013

CLOSE THE EMBASSIES! US citizens be sure you know where you are? Will Susan Rice or somebody please tell us if that offensive video has another “spontaneous” protest with machine guns, mortars, and rockets? Why are we profiling and being prejudiced on shutting down embassies in only Arabian and African countries? Are we afraid of these people? Where are the drones?

Maybe the “mob” that killed our people in Benghazi last year is having a reunion? Did they spontaneously decide to get more bullets and rockets for this year? Of course the US tourists might now be safer in Detroit or Chicago at midnight with hundred dollar bills hanging out of their pockets?

Hillary, what’s the difference if a few more people get killed? They’re all going to die some day anyway! This is all confusing. President Obama was smirking at Mitt Romney that the war on terror is over! WE WON! North Korea is not a lethal weapons threat. Syria has no nuclear weapons industry. China has never stole intelligence from our military, because we give it to them. Russia is not a threat anymore. All is peace and tranquility since Obama has apologized for the USA past of defending freedom with lethal force.

The US citizens who served in Benghazi are being held hostage by the Obama administration through harassment, deportation, and threatening their families. Do not tell anyone in Congress what you know. “I know nothing!” should be standard answer. This is all normal. Nothing unusual to investigate here. Another phony scandal, so just keep moving along and don’t ask anymore.

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

Seems like the good old days when we had a video to blame for Benghazi!

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