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NOW HEAR THIS! Nobody cares

July 31, 2013

Pope Francis showed up at Copacabana Beach recently to celebrate faith, hope, and charity with 3 million people. Nobody got bribed or promised stuff to show up. People in poverty, people addicted, people who have failed many times were in the millions who want to find the path of their journey through life.

President Obama might have swooped in to pretend they all showed up for him. His ego is fragile and needs to know he is adored and glorified by everyone in the world. Now Pope Francis is not as effective a bible thumper as Obama. Pope Francis spoke for 15 minutes on Saturday night celebration. He let the participants speak on stage and play music on stage. Pope Francis homily on Sunday morning mass lasted 10 minutes. He then attended a farewell private gathering of the 50,000 volunteers on Sunday evening to thank them and bid them God speed on their travels.

Obama would have talked for 90 minutes ever time. But maybe that’s why Obama doesn’t get 3 million people.

Pope Francis stopped to bless along the route the many hoping to see him. I think it would be hilarious for Barack and Michelle to be invited to the Vatican. No caviar and champagne VIP receptions held by this pope. He doesn’t even use the papal apartment which is sumptuous and several butlers to attend to every whim. We know Obama can’t relate to why anyone would pass up living like royalty, like him!.

We grow weary of the speeches. We grow weary of the false alarms that the sky is almost falling. We grow weary of the excuses and blaming staff for executive responsibilities. Obama should not promise us the moon. He killed NASA so we can’t even get to the moon, like we did back in the 1960’s. We are in worse shape than 50 years ago! NOW HEAR THIS! Nobody cares about your speeches anymore.

Humble servant of the people for Christ

Humble servant of the people for Christ

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