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What about the people?

July 27, 2013

Detroit is the question facing the USA. We are at a cross roads. We don’t need marathon speeches and meetings now that the train wreck has happened. We need action to protect and serve the people in Detroit. We the people in the USA need to see that our system of government works for us. Detroit do not screw up again!

We don’t need to worry about who lost some luggage or why you are upset the wrecked train needs to stay on schedule. The train is wrecked right now! Detroit government failed for the people. We need a new plan for those who are alive and made Detroit home.

We the people demand and need to focus our leaders in government to act as leaders. I don’t care which party, which special interest, which politician screwed Detroit. We need to take action to save Detroit. DO NOT DRAG OUT OLD POLITICAL ENEMIES TO BLAME NOW! We all know there were politicians stealing with both hands all during this downfall of a city. There should be a day of reckoning for their crimes, but not now. We need a solution so there will not be chaos, rampant crime, and riots in Detroit for the citizens who call this home.

The silence from our nation’s capital and our president is deafening. How many weeks are we waiting to find that our government is capable of governing our country? How about just a high profile visit to Detroit to reassure the citizens that we have a government?

Detroit mortgaged their future based on more taxes and more tax payers. They lost people and they lost business so they lost the tax money they borrowed from their future. Do not tell us the solution is to have our country do the same as what worked so well for Detroit!

Our future is here now. Forget about the problems of the past. Today is our future path. I wish we had Romney! WHY NOT APPOINT ROMNEY AS SPECIAL MANAGER TO SAVE DETROIT? I’ll rely on Congress now, since we have no chief executive that can lead us.

Appoint Romney to save Detroit.  He's a Michigan boy that can do it!

Appoint Romney to save Detroit. He’s a Michigan boy that can do it!

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