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Air Force One cannot land at Detroit

July 27, 2013

For some odd reason our president can’t fly to Detroit? It seems Air Force One flies everywhere but Detroit. We know Detroit voted for Obama with over 100% of the registered voters every election. But now, Obama pretends Detroit is a place he just don’t know about anymore. All the promises and big speeches on how government this and government that will change the world for the better seem empty now.

It seems now would be an appropriate time for the federal government to function when a municipal government has failed in Detroit. The lack of direction and even just a hint of a plan is left to the inept press secretary to fumble around and refer to some lame action yet to be taken. Our president is ready to declare and advise what Egypt must do, and what Israel must do. What is advice and declaration to Detroit by our president?

Squeeze and blame the major companies that have not abandoned Detroit is likely the advice from the spread the wealth answer of Obama so everyone is poor in Detroit. If anyone has succeeded, then it is a sign that they stole from the poor people in Detroit. The guilt complex of socialism is to feel guilty and shame that you succeeded when so many failed in a failing city.

Where are the celebrity fund raisers that will cry and blubber about the people in Haiti needing millions of aid? What about the people of Detroit? More food stamps and Obama phones is all they get. No jobs, no plans for growth, and no celebrity fund raisers with celebrity phone banks waiting for donation are in the future for Detroit. I know Detroit for the great tradition of the world loving our cars. I know Detroit for the great tradition of professional sport teams still going strong. I know Detroit for the music! Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the Motown sound, and of course Kid Rock show this town got the pulse of music made in the USA!

Anyway this is all conjecture and imagination of an old hobo. The definitive 90 minute speech from Obama on Detroit and failed government policies is missing in action. We get incoherent mumbling and fumbling from the press secretary. Obama was happy to get the election votes from Detroit. Right now, Detroit has to just wait for the next election for Obama to show up.

Detroit won't see Air Force One until next election campaign.

Detroit won’t see Air Force One until next election campaign.

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