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Galesburg revival meeting with preacher Obama!

July 24, 2013

Our president wanted to come across as a passionate reformer out for the little guy! He visited Galesburg, Illinois. The first 15 minutes was Obama acting as his own Master of Ceremonies to identify the politicians that were in the crowd. He didn’t mention those in prison, it would be like walking on a grave. Illinois is on the verge of going bankrupt, so Obama wanted to get there before the state is closed. Why didn’t Obama start his tour of speeches in Detroit? Those folks need some good news pronto.

After pointing all the crooked Democrat mob politicians, Obama wanted to stumble down memory lane. Once upon a time, when Obama was a state senator that stabbed in the back a beloved classy Afro-American lady that served many terms until Obama got his attack crew to question her credentials to hold office. Anyway, he was creating a new history that he claimed had him as a champion of the underdog and fighting for better jobs for his constituency. Polite applause and no standing ovations yet from his crowd. Maybe, because 10 years later, Obama has done nothing but talk and blame Republicans for tying him down from doing anything. He has done zip, nothing, zero! It was exciting to have a speech over an hour saying nothing and promising everything. Everyone believes that NOW Obama is serious! He might do something?

Why don’t we set up zero taxes for any business that will open up and employ local residents in disaster zones like Detroit? The black community is not the burden of the White House to carry around and pity. The black community is capable to contribute. Take away the barriers and burdens that deny opportunity with 500 regulations to improve an abandoned property from OSHA, EPA, Homeland Security, IRS, and other stacks of forms for a business to open.

So after an hour, a lot of bladders gave out and there were a lot of damp seats in the hall. What Obama has said is already captured in this blog. If only everyone in Washington D.C. does everything Obama says, then our country will be lost with no hope. Thanks to people of character with our congress and thanks to our governors since they are running our country. Our president is not running the country and that is evident.

Michelle won't be visiting Detroit or Galesburg.  She wants her caviar and champagne at home.

Michelle won’t be visiting Detroit or Galesburg. She wants her caviar and champagne at home.

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