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TEA Party attacks by IRS started in White House

July 22, 2013

During the presidential debates of Obama versus Romney I recall weasel Senator Reid bragging that the tax returns of Romney smelled fishy. Reid claimed a friend told him. Reid has no friends, because he is a greedy money grubbing graft happy liar. He became filthy rich only after becoming a senator, and that is just a coincidence! He never did anything to get paid off, of course.

It seemed a lot of TEA Party popular people had alleged IRS scandals and failures that was mud slinging by the propaganda “news” media. Anyway, Obama talked like he was very upset. Sure, because the lies and liars will be found out and perhaps the White House will have stepped into the cesspool of their own filth. Eric Holder has not seen fit to make any criminal investigation. It just seems a little unusual that all the IRS leaks, and lies about TEA Party folks were IRS problems only of TEA Party candidates. It seems amazing only TEA Party were crooks and cheats on taxes. Democrats were pure and innocent who got to claim self righteous outrage on such tax cheats being candidates!

Anybody remember “Joe the plumber” who dared to ask the president with video cameras all around about the Obama vision of “redistributing wealth”? It made Obama mad, and it made him look like a socialist, when we know he’s a communist. It seems immediately everyone in the country had to know that Joe owed federal taxes and had tax problems in his past. How did Obama know this? Must have been some rogue agents in Ohio too?

Obama seems to have amnesia on his public statement against the IRS bias and persecution of Republicans and TEA Party. He never planned on doing anything but had to be on video clips so he appears to take an interest on stamping out his own illegal attacks on his opposition by any government agency he can unleash.

Obama won his second term just like Nixon!

Obama won his second term just like Nixon!

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