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Detroit is available if you want to buy it!

July 18, 2013
Detroit Mayor Bing and his CFO Martin end the nightmare.

Detroit Mayor Bing and his CFO Martin end the nightmare.

Detroit is a city that lost control by government failures. Mayor Bing brought in a Chief Financial Officer Martin in 2012. The Titanic sank faster and had all kinds of movies on heroism and such. The Detroit bankruptcy won’t have anything reported in the news to explain how or why it failed. One solution that was never tried was putting the few nickles left in the treasury in buying Dinar currency that will convert into millions of US Dollars. Even Detroit knew a scam that would sink without any bubbles visible on the surface. This is a shout out to all you Dinar idiots who really believe you know you will be rich. Martin as CFO had to serve more as a undertaker than a emergency room doctor in regards to Detroit being saved.

Where is our president? Flying to Detroit is not as much fun as going to Africa, or Europe, or India, or Australia. Would not this city need a boost of morale now? How about a criminal investigation into where the few dollars of that city have been pilfered? Professional sports teams have somehow managed to keep going in Detroit. The graft, miserable infrastructure, invisible public services, and rampant crime certainly make Chicago look like an oasis from crime.

All of the illegal immigrants in the USA should be shipped to Detroit to claim any property vacant as their own. They will become citizens of Detroit only. It can’t be worse than what is going on now. Even the Mexican drug dealers and Chinese secret agents that walk across our Mexican border can be followed if stuck in one place.

Detroit citizens deserve better. We know those that loaned money to Detroit can wave goodbye to 95% of their money. Obama will feel sorry it happened, but doesn’t care at all. Don’t expect lenders to anxiously be running over truck loads of their money to Detroit. We do know that all those Green Energy industries will be popping up in Detroit within 10 or 20 years from Obama trillions spent.

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