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Eric Holder opposes “Stand your ground” law

July 16, 2013

We should not confront or oppose anyone using force against us.  Fighting back could be considered a violation of the civil rights of the aggressor who just wants to whip your ass.  With the new Affordable Health Care Act, if you fight back then you are liable to pay for the medical bills of the attacker.  We should let the attack continue until a SWAT team is mobilized along with a fire truck and ambulance arrive within a few hours.  You can attempt to run away if you don’t jaywalk in the middle of the block.

Holder will propose at the NAACP national conference a new law entitled “Run Cracker”.  Whites are commanded by penalty of law to drop their wallet or purse and run if they feel threatened.

Holder also will enact a special no fault “flash mob” law that allows minorities in a mob action to invade  national franchise locations or retail stores with no criminal charges.  Store owners who seek to protect their business by armed force will be arrested for negligent use of a weapon against a protected minority flash mob event.  Milwaukee during the 2012 state fair and Chicago during Easter have enjoyed black flash mobs as a spontaneous expression of young blacks.  Punching, beating, and stealing wallets and purses all were part of this new ethnic celebration protected now by Holder.  There is no more uplifting spectacle than fifty black teenagers yelling “Get honky” and you are it!

Holder likes the "chicken dance"

Holder likes the “chicken dance”

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