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When will we see a sign?

July 14, 2013
Glacier Park in Montana reminds us of forces bigger than man.

Glacier Park in Montana reminds us of forces bigger than man.

A lot of people are not familiar with the “doubting Thomas” attitude of one of the Apostles following Jesus. Now it seems difficult to stay loyal, if the mightiest government in the world Rome has just crucified your leader and his corpse was laid in a rock grotto tomb. However, guess who showed up after 3 days? Thomas did not believe the rumors of Jesus returning. Jesus invited Thomas to poke his finger into his lethal wounds to prove to himself it was the resurrected Jesus.

Today the Department of Natural Resources would want to capture Jesus to fine him for leaving his tomb. Homeland Security would want to tell him his passport is expired since he died. Department of State would prohibit him leaving the country until his papers were in order. And what is your stated business anyway?

It seems a lot of people would be willing to believe if you persuade, convince, and prove that they need to believe in Jesus. So PROVE IT! Show me a sign! Don’t think we have a nation that are all “doubting Thomas” types.

My hobo son is taking in the glories of God’s creation in the west having just left Montana and now in Washington courtesy of hobo travel. He has seen the signs in his travels. Strangers extending friendship and assistance to a total stranger on his hobo trail to discover America. Some classmates from high school picked him up and hiked Glacier Park. Some army buddies from Iraq invited him to visit for a while. He will probably return to Montana to work at a ski resort with an army buddy for the coming Winter. My son has seen the signs of creation in Montana and Colorado. He scaled some rocks and mountains for a better view to take it all in.

With thousands attending “The Gathering” in Bozeman, and just as cleanly and quietly depart after 2 weeks with no sign that anyone was ever there. The respect and reverence of our role as steward of God’s creation is evident with over ten thousand citizens in the wilderness. It gives me a sense of pride that he is on his own hobo trail to discover where he belongs in this big world. You can see his blog; One Country. One Backpack. One Journey

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