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Welcome to our new Roman Circus of federal gladiators

July 14, 2013

The jury delivered their verdict on the Martin death. However, as much as we have media fatigue on this tragedy, the coercion from Eric Holder and manipulating of media evidence by the propaganda arm of NBC news cannot be ignored.

Zimmerman called the police to alert them to a potential concern of a stranger in their neighborhood. The recorded telephone call was enhanced by creative editing by NBC news to make it sound as if Zimmerman was out to get a “black”. NBC had no idea that somehow the telephone recording was spliced and removed the words of Zimmerman. This reminds of making a ransom note by cutting out letters to make up words. NBC was amazed that somehow this alteration of evidence came out of the sacrosanct temple of truth in NBC. Will the news media police themselves by covering this ongoing lawsuit on the targeting of Zimmerman as racist by NBC news department?

The police chief in Florida community was fired. Why? He did not see evidence from his police investigators to bring Zimmerman to trial. The president Obama shot a racial prejudice warning shot by spouting off to the televised press on the injustice of Martin’s death. Does Obama make a public proclamation on his Democrat mob city of Chicago massacre in numbers of black teen agers and youngsters being mowed down every week by guns? It’s an insult to our intelligence that the hundreds murdered are the victims of the gun industry according to Obama. What about those pulling the trigger? Never mind, people feel compelled to pull triggers, so take away the triggers.

So Eric Holder sent in shock troops. Paid protestors descended and made television video scream and shout for Zimmerman’s head. Don’t worry, we paid for all this circus. Holder sent a prosecutor to motivate Florida to bring charges, without the normal process of preliminary hearings on evidence. Florida caved with the media blitz making the state appear as a hotbed of KKK blood thirsty killers. Now the decision by a jury will be seen as proof of the bias and discrimination rampant in the USA. So of course Holder will feel compelled to bring federal suit on Zimmerman violating civil rights of Martin.

We have the federal government profiling Zimmerman as a racist without any concern on the facts verified in court. We have a willing stooge in NBC to win favor with Obama by altering the recorded call that is public evidence that does not make Zimmerman a racist. NBC wanted Zimmerman to say he was a racist, so NBC just cut and snipped words together to make up a racist story.

Why does Obama and Holder want to create such a gladiator circus to make sport of bloodshed and death? Perhaps the obvious failures to improve the impoverished in Detroit, the murdered in Benghazi, the support of a despot in Egypt with military aid to Morsi, and the self destruction of Obamacare by his inept executive branch need to be hidden by creating distractions. At least we can always count on the storm troopers of socialism to torment Oakland California as their favorite city for destruction by protestors. Why does Oakland have to be torched because of the Martin trial? This is all Roman gladiator circus to distract us from the sorry state of our leadership.

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