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Polka hobo travelers flock to Pulaski Wisconsin!

July 12, 2013
Stomp your feet to the polka beat!

Stomp your feet to the polka beat!

July 17, 2013 all the hobo polka folk arrive in Pulaski, Wisconsin. Beer flows, music is in the air with 2 tents and dueling polka bands. Stuffed cabbage rolls, bratwurst, and of course more beer to refuel the energy of the polka stompers! Nobody cares about what is going on in Washington D.C. with the polka frenzy underway. At least we know what we want during Polka Days! Politicians know better than try to preach to this crowd, so they stay the hell away from us polka hobo crazy folk!

Come here to see the USA that doesn’t give a damn about saving the universe, we just want to have some fun, damn it! We got young polka bands doing polka versions of hip hop tunes. We got the old time concertina polka bands. We got polka players that defy the boundaries of old age and aren’t stuck in a retirement home.

Sit down have a brat, a beer, and talk to some of the people that make the country great. We got wounded veterans shaking their polka blues away. Everybody gets to have fun, who wants to. The only folks who don’t have fun are passed out. 4 days of polka bands, ethnic food, and always room for one more to join the fun.

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