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Fortune teller Ken Stoneage connects to Agnew spirit!

July 2, 2013
Spiro Agnew has fun taunting liberal media from grave!

Spiro Agnew has fun taunting liberal media from grave!

Ken Stoneage remains the top fortune teller in the hobo jungle! He volunteered to bring up the spirit of Nixon to prove that Ken gave tricky Dick the idea on the draft lottery of 1971 for Viet Nam war. It seems Spiro Agnew is getting irritated on the under achievers in our commercial news media today! Can’t blame him. We knew it was Spiro inside Ken, when he insisted on pulling the cork and drinking half of the keg of moonshine. Then Spiro was on fire!

“I do not want the press secretary Carney to join me in hell! He is so dense, he makes Harry Reid a genius! Bombastic Obama knows the world will always remember him for being the worst basketball playing president ever! “‘Obamacare’ assumes that Obama cares!? Who cares what he claims to care? He cares so much about the unemployed, he wants to keep them on food stamps, unemployment, and getting free telephones instead a job for a living doing real work! Anyway, I just wish I were here today to get all that easy money Biden gets to play with. 850 billion dollars of stimulus money was quite a haul! Way to go Joe! We know the record keeping was a little lax so relax!”

Suddenly Ken collapsed next to the jug. We knew the spirit of Agnew was gone, only leaving Ken with a massive hangover headache.

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