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Stay on the sunny side of the street!

June 30, 2013

We need a pep talk! We need something to smile about! Who is out there to give us a good word?

It is extremely boring to tolerate the bellicose belligerent pushy do gooders who are preaching why we need to accept a lot of stuff nobody wants. We must feel guilty if we don’t throw a wedding banquet for 2 gay men we don’t like. We must feel guilty if we let slip the words “Jesus” or “God”? Who are these self appointed judges of morality? They don’t go to church but want us to listen to their sermons! They don’t believe in God but want complete obedience as if speaking for some pagan god. They laugh at us as idiots who still know marriage is between a man and a woman! I grow weary of all this tolerance toward such meddling fools who hold doctorate degrees in meddling.

It is interesting that we MUST HAVE A DISCUSSION ON WHY WE ARE INTOLERANT TO GAY MARRIAGE! How about a discussion on why atheists are intolerant toward Christians? Taunting and discriminating against Christians is not even a human rights issue. The mere existence of Christian values in the USA proves how intolerant and bigoted we remain until we abandon and denounce Jesus! The devil has plenty of help today with commercial news media and socialist/communist educators.

The devil’s army is gaining strength. We need to enjoy our 4th of July. We can celebrate our Independence Day! God bless the USA! We have met the devil’s army before and defeated them with St. Michael alongside us in battle. There were dark days when it seemed the world hung in the balance. God bless Dwight D. Eisenhower! We always find a hero, who never wanted to be in the lime light.

The new families with babies and futures ahead need some fun! Never take for granted the power of our families to hold our nation together. Every family learns that we need to stop worrying and start living. As every mom knows, the prime instinct is to protect the child without a thought of sacrificing your life in the process. Every dad will find the moment when protecting your family throws out fear and uncertainty to take action. Our dogs show their devotion by protecting my family.

It seems strange that I feel the need to talk about such obvious fundamentals of our life in the USA. I grow weary of the brilliant idiots who insist we are guilty of intolerance and bigotry at ever level of our society. I miss Flip Wilson! I miss Red Skelton! I miss Jimmy Durante! I miss Sammy Davis Jr.! We need entertainment and not preaching. Who do we got?

Let's  have some fun!

Let’s have some fun!

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