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Egypt riots to oust Morsi and US funding his military

June 30, 2013
Kerry aka "Lurch" bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons.

Kerry aka “Lurch” bribing Morsi with jet fighters and deadly weapons.

President Obama is very predictable, as was Clinton, as was Carter. It’s easier to claim a break through with foreign countries by bribing the tyrant, instead of allowing the people select their leader. Claiming victory with the blood of foreign citizens wasted is a public relations game never challenged by our deaf dumb and blind commercial news media of stooges. So now as Obama struts around Africa spouting off more advice on how the world should be run, finds his international relations unraveling. Russia laughs at Obama as dealing with a child in a man’s world. Egypt knew the indifference of Obama hiding in his closet as the original riots were ignored by USA. The new riots drive the nail in his Egypt bribery flooded with high tech weapons and jet fighters to keep a tyrant Morsi in power over the will of Egyptians.

Obama empowers tyrants and killers with our weapons to pretend he is keeping peace. Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, and China are all doing what they want. None of this is working for the Obama fairy tale on the wonders he has performed to improve USA relations. He has the blood of too many by USA weapons and support of tyrants. The people want to attack the USA to get revenge on his inept blundering that killed thousands upon thousands.

Kerry will have all the failures dumped on his head. Hillary Clinton will be shrieking “What’s the difference now? They’re dead!” She is the most inept Secretary of State to match the ineptitude of the new Woodrow Wilson of war, Obama.

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