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Now women can only get married to women!

June 29, 2013
Most straight men don't  want to get married!

Most straight men don’t want to get married!

Life ain’t fair! Women can’t find any men who want to get married these days. The only men who pretend they want to get married are gay men. It’s only for the wedding gifts. The bachelor party is watching men in thongs pole dancing? Ugh!

Sure, I seen wedding receptions where the women were polka dancing with women. That’s because the men were at the bar, and didn’t want to lose drinking time! That included me. But it’s nuts to have homosexual weddings. I sure as hell would never go to their reception! The whole exciting part of a traditional reception, is making out with the hot wife you been checking out. There have been some great brawls at a lot of the receptions I went to in Chicago!

One reception I barely remembered, my wife dated this guy invited to the reception she dragged me to attend. After a few too many cocktails, I must have decided it was a good time to beat the pulp of her previous suitor. Instead of trying to navigate around the tables I just pushed them out of my way as I was walking toward him. It appears people thought this was not a good idea. So a few buddies had several hands on my arms to stop progress. My mom called me her giant, because I am a large man. The old beaux made a hasty exit, and my bride steered me into the parking lot to head home early.

It would be embarrassing to see 2 men slapping and scratching each other at a reception brawl. Though it would be okay to see 2 women brawling! I do not want to see a grown man balling like a baby because his man of his dreams is now his! Yeah, that will last for about 2 weeks. Men are pigs, unless you believe there is such a man as in THE ODD COUPLE. My room mates at college I would never marry. I couldn’t live like a pig! Our apartment was a toxic waste dump.

So the best our Supreme Court can do for women is to let them marry women? Thanks a lot. The odds for women marrying a man are getting worse.

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