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President so lame ignored by Russia and China

June 23, 2013
Putin seems reluctant to get slime on his hand from Obama

Putin seems reluctant to get slime on his hand from Obama

Jimmy Carter seems like SUPERMAN compared to how lame Obama is floundering on the world stage. Putin laughs at him, ridicules his ideas and ignores invitations to get a hug from our hip hop president. China has ignored our request for Snowden in Hong Kong. Please let us get our top secret classified exile from Hawaii. No luck and away he flies to Russia and Obama’s best buddy Putin. Got to love Putin needling Obama with his response on Snowden flying into Moscow. Putin claims “I don’t know!”. Got to love his evil dark sarcasm of Obama’s favorite excuse. (How could he get on an international flight to Hong Kong with his passport if flagged by FBI in USA?!) China and Russia are not scared by Obama. Who would be? I guess we should be. Holder screwed up extradition papers! Kerry forgot to cancel passport. What idiots!

The G-8 Summit was a joke. It was a dud for Obama much loved face time on international commercial news broadcasts. His big announcement after 5 years, Obama was sending the illegal guns to Syria. These are the guns he had Eric Holder smuggle into Mexico for their drug lords to kill hundreds in Mexico and one of our own agents. Too bad 91,000 Syrians were slaughtered in 5 years while he was thinking it over.

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