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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” TOO MANY

June 19, 2013
The blood of killed in LIbya on Hillary's hands but she does an apology video to killers?

The blood of killed in LIbya on Hillary’s hands but she does an apology video to killers?

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Under the big top, see 3 rings of death defying excitement! Ringmaster Obama has traveled the world to bring us stuff you have never seen! Some stuff you will never see! I love the circus! How do I love it? The clowns, the lions, the elephants, the flying trapeze, the clowns, are all amazing to watch.

The lion cage of the IRS where no one dares return! We release your list of donors of Pro Family and Pro Life groups to your enemies and Bill Maher media blitz. You will take years wondering when you can get an answer on your application for any TEA party organization. The Cincinnati clowns will amaze you with their antics. Our Ringmaster claims he had no idea these clowns were taunting the lions to attack TEA people.

The flying trapeze of State Department with Hillary flying off screaming and yelling to the audience; “What does it matter! Who cares?” Her ambassadors were using drugs, enjoying pedophilia sex with “prostitutes” who were children. Her ambassador was sent to die in Libya, and it’s a shame but it’s dangerous! She can’t remember who did what, or why anymore. How about the inspector general staff threatened to drop investigation? Some people around Clinton die, go to prison, and she just keeps flying along.

This circus has no elephant act. All you get a bunch of asses for the grand parade. Elephant hunting is illegal, but too many have been mortally wounded by the ringmaster. The Mexican Cowboy may enter the ring to show Ted Cruz can ride the bucking bronco. Our ringmaster can’t seem the remember what he was doing the night our ambassador was murdered. Clinton was partying with champagne and her bitches Our ringmaster didn’t know anything about the IRS lion cage being stuffed full of TEA citizens. And hey, what if drones are flying over the list of TEA supporters the IRS gave to anyone who was interested? NSA can fly drones, but they wouldn’t kill you, or if they did ringmaster wouldn’t know if they did.

Don’t even ask about the concession stand run by Sibelius. She is asking for money, and won’t give you anything. Little girls can get the “morning after pill” without a parent. She’s got a face that would scare even Hillary from chasing her around.

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