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“That could be me!”

June 16, 2013

On Father’s Day I take this time to reflect on my father. Many people feel entitled to blame their lot in life on their parents. Some people feel they need to break away from anything their parents wished for them to achieve. I recognize that having good parents is no longer such good odds. That makes this Father’s Day reflection more important.

If my father chose a different path in his early life, I would likely have died in Stalin’s labor camps after WWII. My father and mother left everything behind in Vilnius Lithuania to reach the allied lines in Germany. They did not want to be captured by the Nazi forces. Dad was an officer and his unit was ordered to fight for Germany at the Russian front. They did not want to be captured by Stalin’s army either. Dad told his unit they would die fighting or be free by killing their German escort to the front. They did kill for their freedom.

However, they knew that Stalin was demanding blind loyalty on banning religion. They were considered enemies of both armies. So he took mom pregnant with my older brother and walked through Germany on country paths and small towns. Their money was worthless and needed handouts from German farmers in the way of food. Farmers had most of their crops claimed for German army use so they shared little they could.

Mom and dad reached the allied lines. Dad became part of Eisenhower’s allies semi military manning the supply depot to free soldiers for the conclusion of the war. Eisenhower promised all of these “soldiers” free passage to the USA on military ships after the war. They came to New York on a battle ship with my baby brother born.

It is great to be born in the USA and my parents did it all with their own hands and not hand outs. Nor relatives, and nobody to ask for help. God bless my dad and the choice he made to go to the USA.

D Day was Eisenhower's bold stroke in WWII.

D Day was Eisenhower’s bold stroke in WWII.

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