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Snowden discovered Obama wants to use Sharia Law.

June 15, 2013

That president of ours is a sneaky kind of rascal! Let me remind all of you hobo in training folks, that Michelle dragged his mother in law to live in the White House full time. (Is there any wonder why even Michelle has to keep traveling out of town for endless vacations?) So our president wants to use Sharia law in the USA. Hey, why not another set of complications so that nobody knows what law will apply on anything!

We know Obama is a brilliant scholar, because he’s got a certificate from Columbia as proof. He claims that he did pass the programs for minority applicants and thinks he is awesome. The advantage of Sharia law is that women are subject to life or death by the whim of her lord and master, her husband. Homosexuals are free to express themselves, before they are stoned to death. Michelle may be in for a surprise when Eric Holder officially includes Sharia law when seeking to punish wrong doers.

Muslim marriage counselors issue whips and clubs for husbands to communicate with complaining wives. Obama can hardly wait! His mother in law and his demure and shy Michelle will be in for a big surprise!

NSA got several emails from our president that Snowden took to Hong Kong. Of course we know that our president can always tell us; “I don’t know.” The brilliant know it all, wants Michelle to believe when he pleads; “I don’t know!” Nice try, but we know better, it won’t pass the smell test. Michelle will hip check her hubby to the moon.

Drebin to punch out Ayatollah Khomeni!

Drebin to punch out Ayatollah Khomeni!

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