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Why do smart people drink so much?

June 14, 2013

There is no doubt that most intelligent people enjoy a cocktail! Intelligent people do not drink beer to excess. You spend your whole evening watering out gallons of beer! However, with a vodka gimlet, or brandy old fashioned (Wisconsin drinks more brandy than any state in the USA) you can get lit up and not get wet!

So why do smart people find it important to drink? That is easy. The smart people know that they have to live with mostly dumb people. You can either listen to dumb people all night babbling, or focus on drinking. Case closed, we know why smart people drink a lot.

It’s also good to take a nap. You have an excuse not to listen to the babbling idiots.

If you aren't too bright, it's alright to drink beer!

If you aren’t too bright, it’s alright to drink beer!

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